Larry Stylinson Analysis - Why I Think Larry Is Real

You may have noticed that I've mentioned Larry Stylinson in posts a few times in my sporkings, so I decided that it'd be a good idea to talk about what that is. Basically this is Larry 101 for any new directioners/larries.

If you have heard of One Direction and use the internet, you have probably heard about Larry Stylinson at one point, but in case you haven't: this is the name of the pairing between band members Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson.

Many people of various ages and professions believe (and some even claim to know for sure*) that there is (much!) more than platonic friendship going on between these two and that their realtionship is being covered up by Modest! Management and Syco/Columbia Records.

*I don't think this is out of the question, for the record. Some people in the fandom work on the entertaiment industry and some have multiple friends and/or access to industry information and you can tell by the way they talk that they are indeed adults (and some of them I would even consider friends or at least friendly aquitances), so it seems unlikely they would spend so much time and energy on something they don't actually believe, unless they are absolute psychopths. Just because regular fans like myself don't have access to that sort of information, doesn't mean no one does. Obviously it doesn't it doesn't mean that everyone who claimes to have :"inside" inforation isn't just a troll, but you get my point.

Before I start, I want to say that I've heard people pointing out that sexuality and romantic realtionships are private and to an extent I agree with this, but:

a) Speculation about celebritoes and their romantic involvements has always been a thing. As long as it is discussed on private platforms* such a twitter, tumblr, and in this case - LJ, I don't think it will be too much of an issue.

*Obviously the idea of privacy is a fallacy, since the fourth wall doesn't exist and any member of 1D or their team has the access to the same things each of us do and in fact they have people who mopnitor the fandom, because that's part of their marketing - but I mean at least to the point that no one is actually sending them those posts.

b) We don't want a sex tape. We are asking for them to be allowed to be who they are.

c) There's plenty of reasons to believe (some wof which you will see) that they do not want to be closeted and probably never really did, which is the biggest reason the fandom is allowing ourselves to discuss this to the extent we do.

d) I don't see how suggesting that Louis and Harry have been in a committed, log term, healthy, happy relationship with each other is any worse than how they are - or for the longest time were - being presented in the public's eye.

e) Nobody ever says that heterosexuality or het relationships are private (at least not in that sense), so should queer sexulaity and relationship be 'private'? Shouldn't we be past acting like there is something wrong with being LGBTQIA and trying to hide queerness? Love is a beautiful thing in all its forms.

First of all: Why do people believe that "Larry" is real?

Well, there's plenty of proof - both emotional and tecnical and I will talk about some of it here. I think the biggest possible proof is the separation that started happening in mid to late 2012, got pretty bad in 2013 and 2014 (ETA: 06.02. 2016) and then improved near the end of 2015, but is still happening to an extent. I mean, if they have nothing to hide, why not allow them to even sit next to each other? I know we were supossed to believe they hate each other or whatever, but usually when two band members hate each other (which they really don't.), their team tries to make it seem like they don't, beacuse that's good marketing.

Don't get me wrong, I know how it sounds pretty crazy at first, believe me - it sounded absolutely insane to me the fisrt time I heard it, but the more I saw, the more I just couldn't ignore how much sense it actually makes.

Let's really take a step back and look at this objectively:

- Queer celebrties - in particular boybanders/teen idols - hiding their sexualities, because of a personal choice or because their management or their label decided that was the best way to sell their image (boy bands mostly appeal to young heterosexual girls, who fantasise about dating the members) - is absolutely nothing new! Lance Bass did it, Mark Feehily did it, (ETA: 06.02. 2016) and most recently - George Shelley did it, it really wouldn't be surprising to anyone if at least one member of One Direction is gay too.

- Not only that, but One Direction is currently the biggest boyband in the world (in top 15 of all boybands ever). In 2014 they became top 12th concert act of all time with the Where We Are tour. And have in mind that all acts rated before them (Madonna, U2, The Beatles etc.) have been in the business much longer, have much bigger tours and much more expensive tickets! Which means that the reason why 1D is so high on the list is simply because so many people showed up!

- While right now the fandom may be pretty large and diverse - including adult fans of multiple professions, including a large LGBTQ following, including straight guys (few and far between, but they exist!) - when they were first formed they were clearly meant to be marked to kids. Particularly young, heterosexual girls. Recently they have gone (old post, but it gets the point across) - and continue to go - through some rebranding to appeal to a more adult audience, but reagardless.

- Having that intended demographic in mind, what do you think would sell better - five, straight, pretty boys or three straight, pretty boys (possibly less, but that's a topic for another time) and a gay couple? Obviously the former! The fantasy with that sort of an artist is that you can grow up and date or even marry them. Yes, it's obviously unrealistic, but their teams spend a lot of time and effort on building that fantasy.

1. One Direction, 1DHQ and Larry Shippers

The band

The first thing you need to understand is that One Direction is a freaking weird band! I don't think that the amount of lies, cover-up, weird PR decisions and just overall crap that goes along with this band happens with any other artist. You get into One Direction wanting to enjoy five cute British guys and their catchy music and hope that the biggest drama is when your favorite doesn't get enough solos or how their hair loooks that day, but instead you get layers and layers of lies and secrets and it's exhausting!


I'm not trying to be biased, but honestly One Direction's team is astonishingly incompetent! One Direction has only become as popular as they are in spite of their team, not because of them. Their mangers don't know (or care) how to do proper promo; how to properly utilise the members' indivdual strenghts and so much more. Really they are only looking to earn as much money as they can in the laziest mots short-term way possible. In two words: they suck!

Larries (short for Larry shippers.)

Larry Stylinson is a pretty big topic in the fandom. In 2011, it was still mostly a joke - but  now, a quite big portion of the fandom (at least the active-on-the-internet fandom) believes in it. In 2014 Larry Stylinson was the third most shipped couple, only surpassed by Destiel and Jonlock.

But why do we believe?

Well, the first thing we need to talk about public narratives aka the stories you want your audience to believe.

Which brings us to:

2. Girlfriends and Media Manifactured Image

"But wait, Charlie!" you say. Well, you probably don't, but for the sake of the discussion - let's pretend you do. "What you mean that Louis and Harry are dating, when Harry Styles is so famous for his womenising antics and Louis Tomlinson has dated his beautiful girlfriend, Eleanor Calder for more than three years, then got a woman pregnant and is now dating Danielle Campbell?!"

Okay, say for a moment that you are the manager of a very popular and successful boyband, whose success relies on the girls' fantasies about the boys, but one of the members in your band is gay. What do you do to cover up?

You hire a beard, of course! Preferably, someone who is pretty and isn't famous. Which is why Eleanor Calder is the perfect candidate.


Things about Elounor that don't add up
Body language I: Louis' smile when he is with Eleanor is fake
Body language II: Louis' body language with Harry and Eleanor
1990s bearding VS 2010s bearding
Proof that Elounor is fake I
Proof that Elounor is fake II
Proof that Elounor is fake III

I'd like to point out that some of these links talk about the Calder Twins aka the theory that there's more than one Eleanor and they all beard for Louis. I think this rumour is quite ridiculous, but whatever the case is with the number of Eleanor-s, the relationship still seems pretty staged.

ETA (06.02.216): Have in mind, I made this post a long time ago and therefore I don't cover all recent events such as Louis's party boy image, him supossedly having a baby, and his new "girlfriend" Danielle. But here is the best I can do under the circumstances:

As far as "babygate" (this is how the fandom has decided to dub this scandal), again: I realise it sounds, crazy, but trust me when I say it is not below the industry standards to closet someone through a baby. The only difference is that in most such cases of extreme closets (top three I can think of - Kevin Jonas (best I could find, sorry. I trust Vee, she is a smart cookie!), Simon Cowell and Tom Cruise) the closet has been something they chose, which I don't believe to be the case with Louis (I will get to that.) Now, I'm here to question someone's choice to stay closeted, especially considering that most of my family has no idea I am bi, I'm just using them as an example.

So here goes:

Prior to the 'birth': (when we thought it wouldn't be dragged as long as it was)

Intitial reaction in the UK to the news that Louis Tomlinson got some chick pregnant.
A quote from one of the first articles back in July 2015.
A few arguments.
Questions one must ask to realise why this pregnancy is sketchy.
Seems like there would be a better option.
Liam's Attitude Interview and the general reaction of "WTF, dude?"
Things an expecting father woudn't do.
Astroturfers + Weird Social Media Thingies
Funny that.

Post 'Birth':

Briana doesn't look like someome who's just given birth*
The baby looks different in each picture?
Louis's picture on Twitter/IG is heavily photoshopped.
Empty baby carrier?
They are changing things based on what the fandom is saying?
Nobody is buying most recent developments.
Good overall debunking of the whole mess.

*Have in mind this was FOUR DAYS after the supossed birth!

And last but not least:

Aaron Butterfield a gay man who works as an editor for Attitude Magazine, backing us up.


A snapchat that says "Welcome Home" (to Danielle) leaking
They go on dates with Louis's friend Oli
He hugs his 'girlfriend' the exact same way he hugs his sister.
No suprise, since she looks like his sister.*
Really though.
Way too publicised. And once more.
Some other funny things.

*Left: Danielle Campbell; Right - Félicité Tomlinson

Party club persona:

A Few
I Find

On Louis' sexuality:

A Trilogy of "Lust"
Louis has more chemistry with a chimpanzee than with women
Louis' chemistry with guys VS women*
Louis has been outed.
The impressions of someone who met him
John Barrowman heavily implies that Louis is gay and that he (John) has a crush on him
Louis' triangle tattoo most probably signifies his identity as a gay man. Bonus: Harry's tweet.
And last but not least:
Louis going through media training to change his flamboyant mannurisms.

*More on the "in fact straight" thing later.

So in case you haven't guess by now, yes, I think Louis is hella gay.

Okay, you now say "Maybe Eleanor and Danielle were beards. Hell, maybe even the pregancy is bs or at least he is not the father. One gay member in a boyband isn't far-fetched at all, and it is pretty weird that they can't even kiss right... But what about Harry?! He's known to be very charming with women and has had many famous girlfriends/hook-ups!

(ETA: 06.02.2016) I have thought about this long and hard, I realised that while I used to think Harrt was bisexual or pansexual, I have realised I'm most likely projecting and mixing up personality and sexuality (the blogger who posted this is bisexual herself) and he is indeed, most likely gay. And since I orginally made this post, Harry has been more obviously presented as "the gay one," so I don't need there needs to be as much proof as there needs to be for Louis, but I like being torough, so:

On Harry's sexuality:

Harry's hanger tattoo might be a reference to a closet (or even something more omnious).*
Harry's chemistry with men.
Weird denial of bisexuality.
Nothing to add.
Harry saying something to highly imply he is not straight.* (2.20 - 3.00)
Harry saying he'll 'never again' have a crush on a girl.**
Vee speaks the truth again
Difference between blissful ignorance and willful ignorance

*There is also the suggestion the tattoo could be a reference to his intrest in fashion, bu personally, I sincerly doubt that.
*He follows that comment with "Well, you wouldn't date a dickhead, will ya?" and, uh... I didn't know women were called 'dickheads.'
**Notice the difference in the answers. Niall and Liam are just being playful, but LH seem serious.

There have also been a bunch of articles written about "not that important", and while most if them were really supportive and open to the possibility that he may not be straight (some even mentioning Larry).

That said, his womaniser image bothered me even before I knew anything about Larry. I could not reconcile what I've seen from Harry, with his media-manufactured persona.

Harry's most famous relationships/hook-ups have been debunked over and over again:

Caroline Flack
Lucy Horobin*
Emily Attack
Kimberly Stewart
Camilla Foss
Taylor Swift
Even Union J knew Taylor was a beard
Nadine Leopold
Kendall Jenner (x)

*There were rumours he broke up her marriage and she is twice as old as him! Seriously, why would people rather believe that than believe he's in love with Louis?

To add to this, too beautiful videos showing how false this image of him actually is.
Who is the real Harry Styles?
You are the womenizer, right?

And last, but not least the guide to getting a winter girlfriend, because literally all of their stunts follow this pattern!

3. Fanservice Ships VS Larry Stylinson

"Okay, even if there's some truth to their relationships with women not being as... real, as we are lead to believe, how do you know for sure they are in love? Couldn't it just be for PR? I mean, loads of guys act 'gay' and joke and touch each other, but are in fact straight and have girlfriends. Couldn't that be the case for Harry and Louis as well?!"

I've heard that a lot and I think people are trying they act that way, because they are providing fanservice and the drama brings in more attention. I won't lie to you - One Direction is a very slashy band and they are really, really good at acting 'gay.' But there's a difference between what they would do as a joke and what the wouldn't.

The difference between fanservice and genuine intimacy

The difference between platonic and romantic touches

Louis and Harry's interactions with the other boys

LiLo and Zouis VS Larry

LiLo and Zouis are pretty popular ships in the fandom. I too enjoy them in the occasional fanfic/fanart, but I in no way believe there's anything more than friendship going on between them in real life.

Seriously, Harry is so in love with Louis it's ridiculous!

But fond!Louis might be even better.

Holding hands at Meets&Greets.
Honestly, who does that?

They are doing it on purpose!

Okay, no joke - they are pretty much the same person now!


(Just as a precaution I am warning you that this entire section will probably be somewhat NSFW!)

But that's not all! There is also pleny of evidence that they are having sex!

And before I go further, I'd like to point out that some antis say that we are going way too far with discussing H&L's sex life, because invading their privacy etc. To this I have one thing to say: THEY STARTED IT! How hard would it be to avoid innuendo (or at least the more obvious ones) during interviews and concerts and such? I mean, really?! Not that hard, right? But they never do! Sometimes I feel like they are just trolling us, because c'mon!

With that said, here you have it.

Harry and Louis pretty much defining themselves as versatile.

(I don't think they were joking because of how Zayn, Niall and Liam react - they were all laughing just a few seconds prior to this - BUT even if they were, where do antis come off saying they hate gay rumours. Louis was the one who started it!)

And Sugarscape admitted they were going for innuendo:

"Hands and knees for two days straight!" Funny how Louis suddenly forgets how to speak when his totally platonic dude, bro, pal says that..,

Apparently, Harry is really good with his hands. Honestly, this totally could've been a joke, if it wasn't for Liam's reaction.

In fact, here's a video for you. Most of this is pretty old (2011, the Up All Night tour), but there are a few newer moments at the end.

There's also a bonus from the Take Me Home tour.
At 0.33 Harry touches Louis's shoulder and Lou stops breathing. I am sorry, but who does that?!
At 3.59 my absolute favorite moment of TMH. Here it is, better explained.

I just enjoy this a lot, I don't know.

Louis' "subtlety"

Butt-plug interview! Zayn even nudges Louis to stop.
Here it is explained.
And confirmed.

They may have a bit of a D/s kink.
Also an embarrassment kink.
In fact, them being kinky is almost a confirmed headcanon.

Love bites. Especially with no girlfriends around.
Most of those are old, but here are some new ones of Harry during the Where We Are Tour (2014.) and Louis in October 2014 , I believe.

There are other 'proofs' I can find, but let's leave it at that, shall we?


Right, so here are their "matching" tattoos:

Left side: Harry
Right side: Louis

1. Oops and Hi are written in each other's handwriting and here is the fandom's headcanon about them.

2. Harry got the ship in December 2012, while Haylor was happening and a friend of his said that he got a "classic English ship, to remind him of home" and two-three days after that Louis got the compass. Later I believe, fans went to LA and found the exact same ship and compass in a tattoo artist's book. (Then there's this little fandom thing that Harry never seems to know where to go and Louis always leads him, but that's just something we find cute.)

3. The Butterfly and It is what it is are actually not connected in meaning, but fans found this:

The theory is that Harry got the butterfly to compliment Louis' tattoo.

4. The anchor/rope are pretty self explanatory and the same goes for the heat/arrow, but they are also being talked about here.

5. It also should be noted that Harry had a quote on his wrist that said "I can't change," (the fan theory is that it comes from a song about gay kids that they listened to when they went to that Leeds festival in 2011) that was most likely complimented by Louis' quotation marks; but he covered that up with the anchor in 2013. Louis' rope is also broken on the inside of his wrist making it a perfect spot to fit the anchor. We also know Louis tends to hold hands at the back (unusual, though not necerssarily proof) and that would really make it perfect fit for their tattoos.

6. Harry had the rose since 2013 and plenty of people talked about and suggested Louis gets a dagger and in November 2014, that's exactly what he did. This is also very important, not only because it shows how aware the boys are of the fandom, but also because the significance of the dagger - its role is to protect the rose.

Anther notable tattoo is the swallows on Harry's chest:

The reason why this is important is because:

a) swallows are a symbol of love, care and affection (swallows looking at each other means lovers reuniting, if I'm not mistaken)

b) The swallows have different eyebrows. One has straight eybrows, the other - arched. And uh, funny thing about that, is that Harry's eyebrows are straight and Louis' are arched. Also, one of tghe birds is smaller than the other. (Antis have argued it's because they are a male/female birds, and admittedly that coukd be true.)

There are other tattoos that could possibly be related to their relationship, but I decided to include only the ones I think are 100% about that.

Now, antis have brought up the fact that the boys have "matching" tattoos with other people as well.

Such as the Zarry tattoos, for example:


Then there's Ed Sheeran has matching tattoos with Harry, Zouis have "Bus 1" (their tourbus) in different fonts on their arms and so on. However, there is a big difference between "matching" or friendship tattoos and "complimenting each other, relating to one-another" or romantic tattoos. The "Larry" tattoos are the second kind.

There was also a hilarious buzfeed article I wanted to link, but unfortunately the writer's entire buzzfeed profile was deleted and then her site as well.

5. Denials

"But have they ever denied it?"

No, actually they haven't. On camera or even just on the raido filmed/radio interview, they have never uttered the words "Larry Stylinson isn't real, we are just friends, we are straight," or anything of the sort.

Here, watch for yourself what their "denials," actually look like. The whole thing is always awkward, they never give a straight answer ("No, we are not a couple!"); they focus on the fanfiction and the fans and not the actual issue, which is wether or not they are really dating; Liam or Zayn jump to their aid and redirect the attention towards the other ships - Niam, Zarry etc. and L&H's body language always changes from happy and relaxed right before they are asked to stiff and uncomfortable whenever they hear 'Larry' or a 'bromance'.

6. The Social Media

Okay, well, technically the last part was lie. It has sort of been denied.

In the Larry fandom we call these instances: Bullshit (1.0) and Bullshit 2.0

First we should start with 2012.

I don't exactly know what happened back then, since I wasn't in the fandom, but from what I can gather, on 16.09.2012 in the morning "Louis" tweeted this:

After that I suppose this girl (the one he's responding to, in the next tweet) tweeted a bunch of things about Larry and Elounor.

I saw a screenshot of her tweets (I can't find it, sorry) and honestly, it wasn't that bad. She didn't insult Eleanor or anything, she just said something like "ever time Eleanor hugs Louis he looks like he's doesn't want to be there." and made a joke, "El(eave)ounor." And it seems to me that if there's nothing true to those rumours they should be something any celebrity should be able to laugh off and ignore.

In fact here's a list of pretty compelling reasons why he shouldn't care to be perceived as gay.

Then this happened:

He also said "incorrect, I block people who bad mouth the people I care about !" Then someone said "whtever happens they are never going to deny Larry," to which Louis responded with the infamous bullshit tweet:

He is happy, you guys. He is so happy!

Look at how happy he is:

no title

Doesn't that look happy?
Doesn't that smile look just like Louis real smile?!

I am sorry, sorry, this just pisses me off so much!

Anyway. So that tweet happened, promting Larry Shippers to now proudly call ourselves "team bullshit."

But now, let's look at few things:

First off, is it me or do these tweets look a little... bi-polar? (read bottom to top)

First he's mad at someone for bad-mouthing people he cares about (for the record I have seen some Larry shippers sending rude messages to the boys and their families and them and just... no!); then he's talking about the weather, then Larry is the biggest bullshit he's ever heard, then he makes a joke about bird-mail and then he loves all of his amazing fans. Seriously, what even?

Secondly, there was an analysis about what each of the boys tweets most about (again, I can't seem to find it, so I apologise) which showed that Louis' twitter is the one used for promo the most.

Third of a, the fact that celebrities social media accounts are dealt with not only by the celebrity itself, but also management is common knowedge. That's not a big conspiracy or anything, that's just standrad practice! Everyone who owns a buisness or a product has other people manging the social media accounts for them, even if they have just a few thousand followers (and in 2015 each 1D meber has 20M + followers - exceopt for Zayn who deleted his twitter at one point. In 2012 was more like 3-5M.) One Direction just CANNOT be the only exception to that rule.

Not to mention the idea that the boys are the only ones with access to their twitters has been debunked. We even have an interview in which Louis says he hopes fans can tell the difference.

So as you can probably tell, by how I put his name in quotation marks, no, I do not believe that Louis Tomlinson was the person behind most of those tweets, in particular the bullshit tweet.

But hell, even if it was him, it is really easy to hate something behind a screen. We've never had Louis react that way in front of a camera and that's why I find it hard to believe he is/was that mad about it. There's also the little fact that the boys have discussed "rude twitter trends" showing they are kind of okay with fans talking about Larry even in a NSFW kind of way, and probably find it funny more than anything else.

Now, onto 2014 and Bullshit 2.0

This one I actually have more context for, because I was around.

October and November 2014 were kind of full of Larry moments. We had Harry constantly bringing up gay rumours - there was "Not that important"; "Don't knock it till you try it"; "Yeah, it is!"

There was the game they played, which ended up pretty fun; this (it's so fast and quiet you can nearly miss it, but Louis makes fun of his own picture in the book: 'That's just pure sex-appeal right there!' and Harry smiles and says 'Yeah, it is.'), Yahoo Celebrity UK became Larry af, they just had a bunch of little moments over all.

Then, their team organised the FOURHangout livestream. The official reason for the livestream was to promote their forth album Four (which is amazing by the way, check it out!) The actual reason was to try to assure everyone that they are a great management - look, they let the boys wear whatever they want, make most decisions about their music, have all the girlfriends they want and so on) and get them to deny gay rumours - because of course their management doesn't control them like that! That is just ridiculous! [/sarcasm]

Waht happened was, the boys pretty much that they refused to deny any of it. Here's a wonderful gif of Louis' sassy response when he was asked if there are any rumours he'd like to deny:

In the meantime the Independent wrote an article about Louis' shirt with a multicolored Apple logo, suggesting that he chose to wear that in support of LGBTQIA and Tim Cook who came out as gay just around that time.

Personally - and I bet you'll agree with me - I feel like that article was very nice, very respectful, very much just had the vibe of "Aww, look how nice! Louis supports LGBTQIA, Harry supports LGBTQIA, aren't One Direction such wonderful idols?" They never brought up "Larry," it was just very much about him supporting the queer community.

But see, Modest's motto seems to always be, "If Louis Tomlinson won't deny it, than @Louis_Tomlinson will." And well, we have Bullshit 2.0 (read bottom to top):

If you find this offensive, whether you identify as straight or not - don't worry, I do too!

Jenn Selby never questioned his sexuality in that article and she mentioned that this was the original Apple logo, so I have no idea where that stuff even came from! Basically, what "Louis" was saying here is "I'm in fact straight, so I can't support LGBTQ+! That's laughable!" That's a disgusting statement to make, especially from someone who is the idol of many queer kids. It honest to god, not only makes him sound homophobic, but stupid too.

Again, I do want to stress that I in no way believe this was actually Louis. It's not his tweeting style and more importantly, his behaviour shows that, he doesn't mind people thinking he is not straight. I don't know who decided that making Louis a homophobic douchebag would be good for him or this band, but they are a moron! These tweets caused people to unfollow Louis, to cancel their Four pre-orders, it was ugly.

And you know, this article was actually mentioned to him at the livestream - and while he hadn't read it this was his reaction:

Doesn't look like he's very worried about it. And would Liam tell him how great the article is, if Louis really was that bothered by gay rumours?

For the record, this is how actual!Louis reacts to being asked about gay fans.

There are a few other denials in magazines and so on (including ones who are clearly pointed towards bullying the larries and calling us 'fake fans' and implying, if not stating we will be what breaks the band apart, which???), but thing is that when someome is quoted it's very rarely the actual celebrity, but rather a crafted statment by their publicist, or sometimes an actual quote out of context. Louis has always been very carrying and prptective about his fans, I just don't see how he would call such a big portion of us 'fake fans,' especially considering that most Louis fans, or Louies are in fact larries, Why aren't Narry/Zouis or Niam shippers called fake fans? Shippers of gay pairings in other bands? Every band has ships and none of them are treated as harshly as this one. Some fans have made the argument that that their team wants us gone, because we question things. We think more independantly and we don't immediately swallow whatever they are trying to sell us.

I want to end this section with this picture of Louis signining Rainbow Direction t-shirts at his football game on 19.04.2015:

Rainbow direction is an organisation set up to support LGBTQIAP+ fans.

Here's what this fan said about that:

For the record, many of us believe Ready to Run
(where the lyrics are from) is a song about coming out/the closet.

And also a here's what the fan said:

And also a here's a bit about Louis' interactions with a cross-dressing fan: Because he really is wonderful!


7. Non-official confirmations or "Outings"

There's probably more, but this is a good compilation.

8. When Normal People are Shipped VS Larry Stylinson

Okay, all of the proof so far, should be convincing, I think, but at least to me what makes it really, really obvious that Larry is in fact real is the difference between the reaction people have of a gay ship that's not real and "Larry." The fact that there are people trying to hide something so firecly, just makes it more obvious that there is something to hide!

Comparison between other people's reactions to being shipped VS @Louis_Tomlinson.

How normal people react to gay rumours VS Louis and Harry.

So I think this is it for now. I don't know if I will write a second part to this, though there are a lot of things I didn't include in this one, but I wanted to just cover the basics. Please feel free to express your opinions on the subject. (Yes, I want comments. Pease?) :)

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Well, you've definitely convinced me to ship it. xD I don't know about convincing me that they're actually dating--I try to avoid that with real people, since what we see really is just what they're presenting to the camera--but you made a good case.
Thanks. =)

I didn't think I would've gotten that caught up, 'cause I usually don't, but it's just all these things that Larry do, like one time in an interview 1D were asked how do they see their future and Larry just immeditely looked at each othrer and both said they wanted to be marrried and have loads of kids. It was so adorable! <3

"What we see really is just what they're presenting to the camera."

That's actually one of the reasons why I ship and believe in Larry in Real Life. Beacause what we see for the camera is Womenizer!Harry (despite the fact that he cleraly isn't like that - not to the extent they make him out to be, anyway. And he himself has said that he grew up with his mother and older sister, so he has a lot of respect for women.) and Louis being in a heterosexual relationship with Eleanor Calder, despite the fact the he almost never looks happy with her (an even if he does, he never looks in love) and they have little to no physical intimacy.

And there's the things we don't see (or that we aren't supposed to see anyway), such as Larry holding hands, but immeditely letting go, when they notice a camera or that radio interview in which they didn't know they were being filmed and Harry stroked Louis's face, then Louis turned to him looking him with with just so much emotion (not entirely sure what emotion) and blew him a kiss. They weren't doing that for the camera.

I don't know, if they are dating. They could be unfdefined. I know they are in love and they are soulmates. I know it sounds a little cheesy, but I don't see how you can be in a secret relationship with someone for over four years (because they've had that since the first days of X factor), if you weren't really meant to be with that person.

Anyway, it's not that I'm trying to convince you that they are dating or anything, just saying why I think they are in love in Real Life.
I'm not saying I would be surprised if it turned out everything was fake and they were actually secretly dating/in love, but I'm not going to go ahead and decide that they are. ^^ I'll just go read some gay porn about them is all. I see why it makes sense to you, but it's just not something I'd feel comfortable deciding. Still, like I said--you make a good case.
Honestly, I think I would be way, way more surprised if it turns out that it's not true, though I just can't see how that could happen. I mean, there is this gif that I have, don't know from where, in which Harry is lying on a couch and Louis walks by and leans in and licks his nose. Yeah, totally do that with my friends! xD Or like a bunch of pictures that... not the photoshopped ones or the one done by look-alikes, but for instance there was a picture of two boys snuggling on a couch. You can't see their faces, so we can't know for sure that it was Larry, but I think it was on one of their twitters, but it got deleted. It's also weird to me that the only tweets deleted from Harry and Louis's accounts are ones that are or could be concerning Larry, whereas Niall deletes tweets in which he swears and talks about cheese. xD Oh, Niall! <3

And there's a whole bunch of stuff like that, that I haven't posted on here. But yeah, anyway, shipping is fun and I'm currently writing my own Larry Stylinson fanfic (well, for now I'm working only on a sex scene, which is just so damn hard to write - no pun intended xD).

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My shipping level has just been upped considerably.
I feel uncomfortable with real person ships for reasons I can't really explain, but all the logic in here makes me totally ship it. I might not be at the "believer" status, but I definitely see the compatibility: They are fucking adorable. <33
Great analysis! I like that you included the counter claims as well. ^w^
Thanks, a lot. =) You can actually find plenty of Larry proof on the internet - I've quoted a lot of believers anyway. I just wrote the most important things.

I will add more of the counter-claims in my next Larry post. The Elounor shippers' arguments are utterly unconvincing, by the way.

I kind of surprised myself with how involved I got, really. I've never been that involved with Real Life shipping. Even back when I was a Tokio Hotel fangirl, I just liked the music and the fanfiction and didn't really care about who was dating whom.

Honestly, if I believed that Louis was happy with Eleanor than I would totally support that and be happy for him and just stick to shipping Larry for funzies. But I did some reasearch and I went through a lot of footage; a lot of even their 'happy pictures' and looked at Elounor shippers' arguments in my attempt to research this from all sides. I don't buy Elounor. Like, at all! I've seen how affectionate Louis is in videos and stuff like that, but when he was sending off his girlfriend that he was so in love with, he wouldn't even drop his guitar and give her a proper hug with both arms. To quote someone, who was making a parody of Elounor: "Yeah, those are SO mainstream! Give her a strong one-armed hug, Lou." xD

And also why is Harry always so jealous and generally unhappy when Louis is with Eli? He's his best friend, right? He's supposed to be happy for him. Zayn and Liam are damn supportive of each other's girlfriends. And why is Louis always so jealous when anyone is around Harry in a way that he doesn't approve of (even the rest of the boys, who are straight and therefore have no interest in Harry like that. xD) And why doesn't he think that Narry (NiallxHarry) is funny? Seriously, every time Narry is mentioned, Louis gets all pouty. It's so adorable. xD

There's also the fact that Harry said in an interview that when he and Louis were living together (again - still not fully convinced that they aren't still, 'cause they sure seem to watch a lot of stuff together) that Louis is basically the worst roommate ever - he's super messy, never cleans up after himself, never makes his bed. But when asked if he would exchange him for another roommate, Harry just looked over at Liam and Niall (Louis and Zayn weren't there), shook his head, smiled and said "No." If they were just friends than that's really strange, because even the best of friendships can take a hard hit when you aren't compatable as roommates (I know, trust me xD). But if they aren't... well, than there might be other reasons why Harry wants to live with him...

Ok, I'm gonna stop now. Again - thanks. xD
Great proof! I love this. <3

How long did it take to find all the evidence? Because there's A LOT...

Louis is adorable. I know this is off topic, but he is SERIOUS man candy! (reserved for Harry only of course. ;) )
Thank you.

I've actually had some for a while (I have a Larry Stylinson playlist on YouTube - the videos were what got me into this.) I had some of the Tumblr stuff, some I only found recently. It took me a couple of days to go through some posts (especially since they always had links to other posts), but I did it. Actually very few things were that new to me, but I always love seeing Larry moments, so...

Louis Tomlinson's perfection is NEVER off topic. :D I am a little jealous but then I know Harry fully appreciates him - he's the biggest Louis girl out there. :D And Harry himself is so wonderful, he only deserves the best (which I have no doubt is Louis).
Wow! Very thorough and funny and sexy and wonderful and everything else wonderful!

You did amazing!

Also I love all the sexy pictures you used!

Also you are so right if they can talk about their sex life then we sure can!

Also Louis is a-wonderful guy!
Re: Wow!
Thank you.

I know right, he's just so precious! We are so lucky to have him! Harry is the luckiest...
Hi. You don't know me, but I love your After sporking and analysis posts. Anyway, I had this dream about Harry last night where he said he and Louis totally were dating. I was like "Oh, that's wonderful, Harry!" then woke up and realized it was all a dream. Fuck.

P. S. Your tweets convinced me to listen to "No Control" on YouTube, which convinced me to listen to Four. I enjoy it, although their previous material is not to my taste.
Re: Psst! Part 1
Oh, hi there. I am glad you are enjoying those! =)

About your dream: the funny thing is Harry actually has confirmed he's dating Louis a few times. There was "my first real crush was Louis Tomlinson" "And how does he feel about you?" "Mutual, we've discussed." (pretty big Larry quotes. I had the second one on my Twitter bio until recently). And yes, that actually happened . There's also this time a fan asked him if he is dating Louis and he nodded and said, "yup" and looked a bit annoyed like he just said it so she'd live him alone, but then she said "I figured" and his face just lit up like a Christmas three (again totally happened!), there was the time he supposedly confirmed Haroline, but actually backtracked and "joked" about dating Louis and said he doesn't want to talk about his personal life (just an article unfortunately, no video of it) and my favorite of all: this 2011 interview where the interviewer asks "Which ones of you have girlfriends" and then joking;y adds "or boyfriends, I don't know"and Harry says murmurs something like "boyfriend, Louis' boyfriend" which was later cut out from the interview. There are also plenty of tweets that are incredibly suspicious like people saying "Harry tweet about this if Larry is real" and he does! (Obviously, I am completely willing to accept some of them are coincidences, but since it has happened 8-9 times... There's a thing about coincidences in the Larry fandom, basically we have really hard time believing anything is a coincidence when it comes to those two, because there's way too fucking many of them. Anyway, I'll talk more about that in part 2 or 3 when I talk about the context of Larry.)

Either way, I just find it very funny that he always denies or at the very least refuses to confirm he's dating models/actresses/whatever and yet, when it comes to Louis... (no, I don't count the 2013 Australian Sunrise interview as a denial. It was very uncomfortable, Liam did most of the 'denying' (Liam is always the one to tell people the official version) and obviously he isn't going to come out in a 3 minute interview where Louis isn't even there.) Gryles (Harry Styles x Nick Grimshaw) has been denied too on both Harry and Nick's sides and neither of them stumbled around a denial or tried to redirect like the boys do when it comes to Larry. Also Nick and Harry never look like anything but platonic friends, but you know.
Re: Psst! Part 2
Speaking of weird dreams however, I had one recently where I was talking to 2012 Louis (with the quiff and the button up shirts), except the "in fact straight" tweets have happened already. He told me he was straight, but I didn't believe it. (I've honestly gotten to the point where they can look me in the eyes and tell me Larry isn't real and I won't believe them - I've just seen too much! This here is only maybe 40% of the proof we have. But then again I don't think that will happen. We have loads of reasons to believe they are coming out this year.)

So anyway, he tried to prove it by kissing me but I sort of stopped him in the middle and asked "Okay, but in all honesty, you have to be at least a little bit gay, right?" and he sighed and said "Okay in all honesty, I am a little." So I just hugged him super tight and cried on his shoulder in relief. Then I woke up and I was like "Damn it, I am such a Larrie, I can't even hook up with Louis in my own fucking dream!" xDDD And in case I haven't made this clear - Louis is my fave by a landslide. xD He is just so gorgeous I can't even comprehend it at times!

As for the music, I really enjoy their first two albums (Up All Night and Take Me Home) because they appeal to the teenage girl inside me that just likes pretty, bubbly and sparkly things, but I understand why other people - especially older than 20 or 25 - wouldn't. Objectively speaking, they are not very... good (although I will defend Rock Me to my death).

They are clearly marked towards a much younger audience and a lot of the songs are very manipulative, because they are gender neutral and say nothing specific about the supposed girl they are about (Which is just another reason I adore Night Changes. They never write character songs like that!

But if you liked Four, I would also highly recommend Midnight Memories. The difference between Four and UAN/TMH is how much of it they have actually written - in particular LiLo, who are very talented song writers - and you can tell it's more personal and mature. MM is where they started doing a lot of the writing.

Songs I would definitely suggest are Little Black Dress(very nice dance rock? song), Through the Dark (rock ballad), Best Song Ever (and watch Todd in the Shadows' review of it, it was hilarious.) as well as the two major Larry songs: Strong, which Louis wrote for Harry. It's very obviously about gay love with lyrics like "Is it so wrong that you make me strong?" and about the two of them in particular because of "hands tied like two ships" and their tattoos. I can't believe some people thought it was about Eleanor. What a joke!) and Happily, which Harry wrote for Louis ("I don't care what people say when we're together, I just want to hold you when you sleep." And Louis solo is "but if he feels my traces in your hair, sorry love, but I don't really care!" which is funny, because in 2012 and 2013 Louis' Halloween face-paint sure left some nice traces in Harry's hair the next morning. Also during WWA, Harry loved shaking his hair when Louis sang that part, so we had another theory too, but you know. xD) and is my second or third favorite 1D song of all time, right after No Control and Rock Me.

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Re: Psst! Part 2
We have loads of reasons to believe they are coming out this year.
Oh, God, I really hope that happens. *crosses fingers* And if their management really is forcing them to stay in the closet...someone needs to be fired for that. That is disgusting and no way to treat anyone.

As for the music, I really enjoy their first two albums (Up All Night and Take Me Home) because they appeal to the teenage girl inside me that just likes pretty, bubbly and sparkly things, but I understand why other people - especially older than 20 or 25 - wouldn't. Objectively speaking, they are not very... good (although I will defend Rock Me to my death).
It's okay. We all have our own inner sparkleholic. :D "Where Do Broken Hearts Go" and "No Control" are addictive.

Thanks for the recs! *goes to listen to "Rock Me"*
Re: Psst! Part 2/ I
Oh, God, I really hope that happens. *crosses fingers* And if their management really is forcing them to stay in the closet...someone needs to be fired for that. That is disgusting and no way to treat anyone.

Well since they wrote a coming out song (Ready to Run) I seriously hope so! Also I have this bet with this Harry hetgirl... it's not so much the money, I care about, I just really want to rub it in her face! (She is as old as I am, so she has no excuse to believe that Mr. Louis "good lad, good lad, nice little body" Tomlinson is straight. xD)

The thing is... there are many celebrities that are closeted (Louis Walsh, Taylor Lautner, Zac Efron, Joe Jonas, Taylor Swift, Jared Leto - just to name a few), some against their wishes probably (don't know if the ones I mentioned are closeted against their wishes, but I'm pretty sure neither of them are straight.) With a band like that especially, there is literally no way a closeting wouldn't have happened. They were always marked towards a young heterosexual girls who can dream about dating them. Hell, even Harry and Louis' official narratives are constructed that way.

Harry supposedly went around and dates many women - you could be the next one! (We actually haven't seen that in a while, except in a really, trashy magazines/newspapers that one takes seriously anyway - his image is slowly being cleared up.)

Louis was the dedicated boyfriend, and his (now ex) "girlfriend" is just a normal girl who was a fan before she started dating him. You could be the next fan he dates! (As if One Direction would actually like to date some obsessed stalker. I mean there's plenty of really nice directioners, but even the "sane" ones among us are kind of crazy. xD)

The current Louis narrative is a bit different. Now he is "single" and enjoying life and they are almost, kind of trying to paint him as a womaniser, which is actually kind of pathetic. He is so disinterested in women, it's so transparent (and yet, people still believe it. I'be even heard Larry shippers saying he might be bi, which is just???? Seriously, if any one of them is 100% gay, it's definitely Louis. This also in in conflict with the coming out narrative that Azoff - the new future/partially current manager - is pushing. But I think at this point the CO narrative is much stronger and womaniser!Louis (or whatever crap that is) is just a fandom-restrained thing. Basically people outside the fandom will have the easiest time accepting Larry. The outside seeding seems to be going pretty well. It's the people inside who have been trained for years to deny Larry and ignore/excuse anything that has to do with them. (I actually showed the hetgirl I have a bet with - who has been in the fandom since at least 2011 - this video of Louis very clearly getting hot and bothered by Harry whispering/and possibly kissing ear and then getting a boner and she said she doesn't see anything. It's honestly fascinating!)

So it's not the closeting that's really the problem, it's how harshly it was done (until recently when the Azoffs got involved - although Bullshit 2.0 sure didn't help anything. I am still mad about it, tbh.) Like in 2011, when One Direction was just popular in the UK and maybe Europe, they had soo much freedom. There are so many obvious Larry moments from that era, they weren't hiding it at all. But then they got to America and the situation there was still very much anti-gay so they got shut down. In 2012 Louis started to change, Harry got his first (and only proper) beard, Bullshit 1.0 happened and yeah...

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Re: Psst! Part 2/ II
I think the major issues were that a) nobody expected One Direction to become the phenomenon it has become. They placed third on a reality show (although that was staged. They had enough votes to win, but the contract for the winner is very tough and Simon Cowell wanted to sign them with his own company - he's now left Modest! because he realised how much they suck.) That's why the Elounor narrative has so much holes They probably expected it to be standard bearding - have them take a few pictures, have her show up here and there, and that's that. But with Twitter and Tumblr (all the platforms through which One Direction has become popular) people got more involved in it, so they had to put more effort it making it seem real and it just kind of backfired. (although still so many people believe in it, so I guess it was somewhat effective?)

The other big factor I think is that probably no one really expected Louis and Harry to stick together. If you look at their relationship in the early stages (2010-2011 - not sure what was happening between them in the X factor exactly. I don't think they were a proper couple yet, but they had a bromance very heavy on the romance, for sure.) it's definitely that sort of a physical, exciting infatuation that adults know usually never lasts. Everyone probably expected them to break up and thought closeting them that way would be much easier. But that didn't happen, so that's why a harsher closet had to be enforced.

But yeah, I really do think it is their management closeting them and not their own choice, considering how they would use every given opportunity to fight against their respective closets (some people assume Harry and Louis are in the same closet, but their closets are actually very different so the ways they fight against them are different. Well as of recently the media has pretty widely accepted that Harry is not straight, but he is still in the closet in a way, because he is still hiding his relationship,) and show everyone they are a couple. Of course, I do think there are (or at least there were in the past) moments where they are/were scared but at this point I think both of them are very comfortable with who they are and they don't care about the haters ("there will always be the ones to criticise, but I know, yes, I know we'll be alright") - at least not enough to stop them from coming out and it's just the business side of it that needs to be taken care of.

The point was: An effective management could've handled their relationship much better and causes less stress/emotional trauma to them and the people who like their relationship and support them and without teaching teenage girls to attack other teenage girls because of a disagreement. (I cannot tell you how many times I've heard/seen/experienced Larry shippers being called fake fans, being told we've ruined their friendship, even told to go kill ourselves.)

As for them getting fired, I think the entire current 1DHQ should just no longer be allowed to work in that business. Not just because of the way they are handling Larry (which is a big part of it), but also because they simply have no idea how to do their jobs. They are so utterly incompetent, it's just kind of funny! They have no clue how to promote them, they are incredibly lazy and bad even at what they actually do and they only care about money. Like last year, Niall had a problem with his leg and instead of getting him the operation he needed they made him go on tour. They never give the boys proper breaks either. I cannot wait until Azoff has full control over them he has proven in the past - and with One Direction - to be a much more competent manager.

AnywayI will talk more about these things when I get to the context part of the analysis. Not sure of that would be next or the anti reasons should go next.)

For the music: WDBHG and No Control are amazing! I love them so much! And Louis' voice in No Control is just <3 That's pretty much the fandom's favorite song and we really hope it's made into a single. I think a somg like thar will definitely push a more grown up image for them (I mean, they have had sex songs before, but the difference between Live While We Are Young and No Control is huge.)

Re: Psst! Part 2/ II
I'm bi myself, so I can speak with authority on this sort of thing. Being in the closet is awful enough, but someone forcing you to stay there must be even worse. What a nightmare. Poor Harry and Louis.

Like last year, Niall had a problem with his leg and instead of getting him the operation he needed they made him go on tour.
I just...what. That is horrifying. Did he get better?
Re: Psst! Part 2/ II
Well, everyone who has ever met them at an industry event pretty much can see they are together because they just act very couply and comfortable with each other and are clearly not trying to hide, and many people are actually surprised they are not "out" yet. It's one of the worst kept secrets in the industry, pretty much (same with the fat that Louis Walsh is gay). And all of their (close) friends/families are aware, some have even outed them multiple times (more on that in the context part.)

But yeah, to the general public they are still presumably "straight." (Because straight is the default sexuality and if you haven't said otherwise than you are straight, I guess. Believe it or not some moron on YouTube actually tried to argue that point. Harry has said things like "not that important"; "I can play double, it's okay for me," "Don't knock it till you try it,"; he acts very flirty around men/homoerotic on stage and recently has been completely refusing to answer any questions about women; but because he hasn't explicitly stated that he is bi/pan/gay/homoflexible, than that means he is straight. I love that logic!)

Yes, he eventually got it. He can't play football anymore, but other than that, he is okay. It was just so sucky of them to make him do that when his health should've been number one priority. :( My poor Irish lephrecaun! <3

Oh, by the way, I was going to ask, do you have a Twitter?

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Re: Psst! Part 2/ II
*raises glass* To Larry! *drinks*

Yes, he eventually got it. He can't play football anymore, but other than that, he is okay. It was just so sucky of them to make him do that when his health should've been number one priority. :( My poor Irish lephrecaun! <3
That is so wrong. I'm glad he's okay. :(

Oh, by the way, I was going to ask, do you have a Twitter?
Funny you should ask; I just got one and have no clue what to do with it. xD It's @RainbowNinja_3
Re: Psst! Part 2/ II
Join in the 1D fandom xd But I have to warn you , it's kind of like hotel California- you can check out but you can't leave! Xd or at least you can join in with the Larries (not all Larries are directioners).

You can start by following me on my personal @xCharlieTommox and the second account I co-own now: @1D_Beards . The owner of the account, Suzy believes in both Larry and Ziam (Zayn x Liam), which not all of the other co-owners me included believe in. I jus t think Ziam is too different from Larry especially in context, but we are primerily a Larry account - especially since Zayb isn't in the band anymore - and I moved my Larry tweeting over there (all tweets signed with Charlie are me, Suzy doesn't sign her tweets but you'll recognise her by her emojis xd).
Well, with the hole pregnancy thing wich I don't believe to be fake something that I already feared seem to be real, they're not together anymore. And it made me think thay maybe Elounor breakup happened because she wasn't needed anymore.
I do still believe they got together at some point, the way they interacted and still interact is verry uncomon and even odd sometimes. Recently Rolling Stone compared their eye contact game with Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham's, an grown male writer from a rock magazine noticed that there's something strange. That was just one of the best insights on their dynamic for me. Because Stevie and Lindsey have thay kinda of thing that they're never really over eachother, they had many other people in their lifes but the chemstry they have is bigger than anything, they'll always love eachother even though they hate oneanother for not being able to be together. From videos of Otra I got this feeling, the way they look at eachother, compleatly different from how they look at Liam and Niall. They avoid to look and when they look they look guilty sometimes, of course that are times they relax and can be more playfull, there's a lot of love there, but it get's tense too.
I totally used to not believe Blind Gossip or any of these sites, but recently at lot seem to make sense, Nick and Louis' bad blood, Zouis drug abuse, Harry mad at Louis for his recent behavior...
It makes me sad because the chemstry they have I don't think they'll find something like that with any one else. I mean my 16 year old hetero but very open minded brother noticed from a x factor video diary that there's something there (the one they give that weird high5 and Louis looses his chill).
What do you think abou the baby thing? I'm waiting on the new album to over analyse the songs haha, Drag me Down with all those refences to other songs like 18 and Don't let me go fucks me up big time
Re: Babygate & Larry Part 1
Hi, anon.

Okay so there's a lot here, but starting with babygate: completely, 100% fake and set up.

Literally nothing about it fits - not the timeline, not the way it's been handled (trust me, if it was a real pregnancy it would not be so overly-publicised), not the fact that the media is shading the hell out of it and focusing more on hilarious jokes about a "made-up ship that has been dead for over two years;" not the fact the Louis doesn't seem one bit excited about it and neither do the rest of the boys.

Louis himself shaded the whole thing on one of the concerts right before it happened (someone threw a babydoll on stage and Louis picked it up and said "not real, it's not real, it's a fake baby" and therew it back in ther crowd). Radio1Direction Radio1Direction prmoted Louis and Brianna when she first showed up (we know they have connections to 1DHQ and no stupid twitlonger can convince me otherwise, they are shady af) and many big Larry blogs (as well as our twitter account 1D_Beards on ask) got a lot of astroturfinge troll anons to promotre a "Bouis" pregnancy.

Also, I stand by the opinion that Louis wouldn't touch a vagina with a ten feet pole. And yes, I know there are gay guys out there that can sleep with a woman, but (sorry to be crude) there is nothing in this universe that can convince me a boy who can't kiss a girl, can't hold hands with a girl and literally CRINGES away when a woman shows romantic/sexual interest in him can even get it up with a girl let alone fuck her and get her pregnant. Please! He is more terrified of women than Renly Baratheon.

If you need more convincing here is a href=""> my tag for it on Tumblr</a>. I just started using my Tumblr and I don't have a lot of options for it right n0w since I can only get Internet on my phone, so I may not have reblogged all important posts, but you will get the gist of it.
Babygate & Larry Part 2
Now as for Louis and Harry, I do think they are very much still in love. A break up like that would not just affect them but the whole band and I am missimng the awkwardness. Not only that, but there have been quite a few Larry moments during this tour especially the last few concerts with Louis starring at Harry's ass, Louis fonding over Harry and a baby, Harry thanking a fan with an "I want Oops and Hi forever" poster (I talked to her on Twitter she is very sweet, and Suzy, the owner of 1D_Beards has met her), Liam continuing to read Larry posters (don't kid yourself - the boys know full well what these posters mean. Also I am hearing Larry posters are enouraged this tour where as during WWA they were being taken from the fans). etc.

Eleanor was let go of for a few reasons. Possibly the contract expired and since Louis wasn't playing alomg anymore and babygate had been planned since February when Louis' "party boy" image first started to form. I am also pretty sure that M!M are no longer managing One Direction and haven't been since April (but are sticking around on paper until the end of the tour) and therefore the currentt stunts are most likely ran by the new management (you'll see more about it on my tumblr.) I don't know why but I am guessing the end game is Larry.)

The Blind Gossip narrative is absolute bullshit! They may had had a source up until sometime in 2013 but lost it and just started publishing blinds pulled out of their assess. If you look at every single blind the whole thing makes no sense whatsoever (Harry being on crack has already been debunked and Gryles has been denied multiple times by both Nick and Harry - and I mean PROPERLY denied, not like the mumbling Larry "denials"). I do think Zayn has a drug problem and that's one of the reasons he left the band (according to Suzy he wants to get clean. For his sake, I hope she is right. But I also don't believe he is very close with the rest of the boys right now, particulary with Harry.) Louis on the other hand I genuinly don't think is very intrested in any other drugs than weed (which I barely consider a drug, anyway. It's actually healthier than alchohol, so.) I am sure he may have tried a couple of things but I really don't think the ot4 are into that sort of thing.

I hope I cleared it up for you. Feel free to send me any extra questions on Tumblr. =)
It's been like three years since you wrote this so I won't be surprised if you're not active. I don't even know how LiveJournal works, someone just suggested me this piece on a larry video, thought i'd check it out because I like reading other peoples thoughts on Larry and I wanted to rememeber why I ship them.

I was already a Larry shipper before reading this but after reading this I think I might be an actual Larrie. There's too much proof and when people say some things are just coincidences, how many times does it have to happen for it to no longer be a coincidence? I think this applies to more 2017/ 2018 stuff while they're on hiatus and they're no longer seen together to the public with all these tiny and random coincidences like warning selfies, something happening, elounor pics after something larry related happens, constant denials from the twins. It all seems a little odd.

So, yeah, I don't know if you still ship larry in 2018, if you're even active but I'm gonna learn how LiveJournal works and see the rest of your entries because you seem like an awesome person.

and if you somehow still use this site, are interested and still ship larrie, I'd love to read an updated 2017/2018 version.

Anyways I'm gonna read the rest of your stuff because why not and yeah...byeee